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What to Expect

NILI Professional offers the opportunity to learn Spanish, to travel, to learn the culture, to explore Ecuador, to minister, to make many friends, and much more. This program is designed to help business professionals become proficient in Spanish and help open doors in their professional career. NILI Professional is a personalized program for students who want to equip themselves at any level. Past students include:


  • Missionaries
  • Medical personnel
  • Career business professionals
  • Pastors seeking a sabbatical experience
  • Recently graduated university students


Benefits of NILI Professional include:


  • Flexibility to accommodate the dates and schedules of the Professional Student.
  • Spanish classes for children (as well as child care) while parents are in classes.
  • Participation in all academic outings as well as weekend and ministry trips.
  • Reduced cost because of not receiving university credit.


Students have been housed on our seminary campus or in nearby neighborhoods.  The cost of Spanish instruction is on an hourly basis and can be customized for your specific financial and time constraints.

Academic Outings

Every week in NILI, there are opportunities to participate in something new. The cost depends on the trip. Though these activities change semester-to-semester, here is a list of what has been done in the past:


  • Visit Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World)
  • Attempt different activities on the Equator
  • Ride a cable car to 14,000 ft to view the city of Quito
  • Learn about Ecuadorian culture in museums and cultural exhibits
  • Check out Colonial Quito founded in the 1500s
  • Explore open-air markets
  • Be amazed by the beauty of the historic churches and cathedrals
  • Take pictures in and around volcanoes, rivers, waterfalls and more
  • Try typical foods such as cuy (guinea pig), hornado (pig), fritada and more
  • Travel to the Galápagos Islands on a 5 day/4 night cruise


As a Professional Program student you won't want to miss out on these opportunities. They will immerse you in the culture and Spanish language. Specific costs can be provided by contacting

Advice from Graduates

The NILI Experience is one of adventure, discovery and beauty. How do you prepare for such an experience? Here is a list of advice from past students that have gone before:

•  Keep an open mind and heart and you will be amazed at how God will work in your life

•  Bring Dramamine or Bonine for the Galápagos trip

•  You can buy medicines here but sometimes they are very expensive, but it is possible to get them if you need them

•  Travel on the free weekends

•  Bring slippers

•  Speak in Spanish all the time even if you are a beginner, don't be embarrassed or shy about making mistakes, you will be corrected in love and the people appreciate someone trying to learn their language.

•  Bring a water bottle

•  Bring a Spanish Dictionary

•  Bring less clothing because there will be a lot of other things to take home

•  Be flexible and don't forget you are only here a short time


•  Enjoy this beautiful country

•  Keep a journal

•  Bring a raincoat and warmer clothes

•  Don't be afraid to get out and see the city


•  Be open to change and don't have expectations

•  Spend as much time as you can with the seminary students

•  Build relationships from the beginning, the time goes by fast

•  Get out of your comfort zone as much as possible.

•  Surround yourself with Latins

•  Dive into the culture as soon as possible.

•  Bring Photos of home, friends and family to show your new friends here in Ecuador

•  Bring a small bag/backpack for day trips, hikes, etc

Ministry Opportunities

The focus of our cross-cultural program is hands-on Christian ministry.  Because of this, professional NILI students may attend ministry services and participate in ministry activities.  These ministry opportunities will help break down the barriers of language, culture and geography.


Living on our campus, you will make life-long friends with Latin students from Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and other South American countries.  Because of the great sacrifices many of these students make in order to be in the ministry, you will find the passion for serving God is inspirational and contagious here.


Ministry Activities:

•  Participation in the life of local churches

•  Devotional meetings of the NILI group

•  Various evangelism events

- To read about our ministry partners for Wednesday Ministry, click HERE.

•  Ministry Week

- Each semester, NILI holds 4-6 days of ministry

- Possible activities: painting, cleaning, holding children's services, singing, evangelism, etc


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