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In 2013, only 50% of students taking the OPI obtained an advanced level.  For this reason, NILI has a new emphasis called OPI Prep.  OPI Prep intentionally prepares students to obtain a high level of Spanish proficiency.


This individualized course prepares students for the Oral Proficiency Interview. In this prep course you will learn the ins and outs of the interview, its ratings and expectations, and get lots of practice in before returning back home to take the official interview. This preparation is tailored to your individual needs and will meet you where you are in your Spanish speaking abilities. It will serve as a vital supplement to your daily Spanish classes and total immersion experience.

The OPI Preparation includes the following:

  • A NILI sponsored OPI exam during the first week in Ecuador.
  • The identification of each student's strengths and weaknesses, creating specific exercises to improve the student’s oral proficiency with the goal of obtaining an advanced level.
  • Several mock interviews throughout the semester with national speakers and weekly tailored exercises directed toward identified weaknesses in order to monitor and improve skills.
  • The integration of OPI Prep in all aspects of the program including weekly excursions, and activities in and outside of the classroom.

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