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by Dr. Dan Benedick, Doctor at Hospital Vozandes del Oriente

Students who come to visit NILI should be up to date on all recommended vaccinations for their age.  Vaccination for Hepatitis A is recommended.  In addition, vaccinations against Typhoid Fever and Yellow Fever are recommended, though these illnesses are only rarely found deep in the Oriente.  Malaria prophylaxis is not necessary for those who are not going to spend several days in the deep jungle (Shell is not "the deep jungle", and no malaria has been seen there for years).  Mosquito repellant is recommended during the short trip to the deep jungle.  Sunscreen is recommended whenever the student spends any significant length of time outside.

(Optional) Medications or First Aid Items You May Need and want to bring with you:


• Pain medications

• Imodium

• Antacid–such as Tums, Rolaids, etc.

• Vitamins

• Allergy medication

• Cold medication

• Neosporin

• Band-aids

• Hand and body lotion (your skin gets very dry here)

• Hand sanitizer

• Sunscreen (you can burn easily in Quito)

• Chap stick

• Eye drops

• Motion Sickness Medicine



We cannot stress enough that YOU are responsible for your own medications.  It is best to bring enough prescription medications and all the medication you normally take for the entire semester.  If you cannot bring all of your medication for the entire semester, do your homework and create a medication plan.  Do not expect to figure it out when you get here.


If you need to know about the price and availability of a specific medication, contact Lucy ( and she will investigate for you.  However, don’t wait until the last minute to contact her!  It is possible to have medication mailed to you, but it is very expensive (more than $100.00).  Submit a medication plan to Jen BEFORE you come so that there are no surprises.  This plan will include what you’ll need and how and when you’ll get it.


Shots Needed:  Up-to-date tetanus, yellow fever, Hepatitis A and B.  It is best to get these before you come; however, all of these can be obtained here in Quito for a very reasonable price.


Download the medical health history form and fill it out completely and honestly. When you have completed the form please send a copy to Lucy (

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