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Although it is not a requirement, we highly recommend taking Elementary Spanish 1 & 2 BEFORE coming to NILI. This will help you get the most out of your time in Ecuador.


CORE SPANISH (8 weeks):

Basic Language Studies - 8 hours. A comprehensive elementary course that includes grammar, pronunciation, oral and writing practice, and culture. Conducted in Spanish.


Advanced Spanish Language Studies - 6 hours. 90 class hours of study is required in Spanish language courses. Each student is interviewed and tested in order to determine his or her appropriate level of study. Each student will be assigned to a class with similar language skills. Conducted in Spanish.



Advanced Conversation - 3 hours. A course designed to increase the student’s fluency and self-confidence in expressing ideas in grammatically, phonetically, and logically correct Spanish through the discussion of selected readings and contemporary topics. Conducted in Spanish.


Latin American Culture and Civilization - 3 hours. A survey of Latin American history, geography, and institutions intended as a background for literature studies and as preparation for teaching Spanish. This course will examine the different manifestations of Latin culture through the lens of an Ecuadorian perspective. Conducted in Spanish.



Christian Faith - 3 hours. This course prepares students to think critically about matters of Christian faith/theology and in understanding that Christian faith originates from and is lived within specific denominational and theological traditions. Given our context, the course work will focus on the Wesleyan-holiness theological tradition. Included will be the critical reflection both on doctrinal matters and on matters of the church and Christian life/practice. Conducted in English.


Travel Practicum – 1-3 hours. The group travels to several culturally and ecologically diverse locations during their time in Ecuador. The travel practicum component is not a vacation trip; it is an integral part of the learning process. Among other assignments, students will be required to attend conferences and maintain a journal of ideas and perceptions developed throughout the trips.


New Testament Introduction (Christian Scriptures II) – 3 hours. An introductory study of the New Testament. This course introduces students to critical issues in and resources for New Testament studies, exposes the students to various contexts (cultural, philosophical, religious, social, etc.) in which the New Testaments texts were written, and gives attention to the historical backgrounds, genre, message, and significant persons of the New Testament texts. Major theological themes and passages of the New Testament will be explored. Includes an overview of the process of formation for the canon of the New Testament. Conducted in English.


Latin American Literature Since 1910 - 3 hours. A course that includes the history of the literature of Spain and Latin America during the 20th century and the reading of selected works representative of the period. Conducted in Spanish.



Faith, Practice, and Service Internship - 3 hours [later]. Students are challenged intellectually and practically in how to fulfill the mission of God. In a seminar setting students will encounter diverse perspectives, broad readings and group presentations which respond to scenarios drawn from the contemporary scene. Also, participants will gain valuable first-hand experiences in local church settings and in related service opportunities.


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